How to Build a Wire Compost Bin (DIY Guide)

wire compost bins
A wire compost bin is an alternative form of compost pile where you construct a cylinder made of chicken wire. The structure is then used to store compost.

Why Build a Wire Compost Bin?

 A wire compost bin is affordable and easy to construct. It uses simple materials such as chicken wire or hardware cloth. It’s the perfect solution for a tidy compost pile that also keeps pests away.

Some people prefer to build their wire compost bins with posts. While the posts may be perfect for stability, they make moving the structures quite tricky. 

Alternatively, constructing a composting fence without posts makes the compost more accessible, and you can shift to different locations easily.

A wire compost bin is also perfect for composting smaller amounts of yard waste.

How to Build a Wire Compost Bin

Although building a wire compost bin is quite labor intensive, it’s not so complicated that you can’t manage it independently. It’s a great DIY project for beginners and an affordable way to start the composting process! 

First, you’ll need to gather a few supplies and set a prime construction spot. The location should have access to water and shade to help speed up the decomposition process.

Here’s how to make a DIY compost bin.

Materials Needed

  • 1-inch chicken wire -10 feet long and 36 inches wide
  • Four metal or wooden posts
  • Wire ties/ steel wire/staples
  • Staple gun
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Concrete mix
  • Tin snips or wire cutters
  • Work gloves
  • Hammer
  • Pliers


  1. Unroll the chicken wire until it’s flat on the ground. Flattening it might need a bit of force, so you can use some heavy pottery or containers to hold it in place. Make sure you have your working gloves to prevent any cuts or wounds from the sharp ends of the wire.
  2. Dig four holes for the posts, then pour the concrete mix into them. The holes should be 18 inches. You’ll want to keep them nice and straight as you pour the cement. Once you’re done, pour water, then let them set fully before proceeding to the next step ( it should take 24 to 48 hours).
  3. Fold the wire mesh three to four inches at each end, then prop it up in a circle around the posts.
  4. Next, cut the wires into ties, then attach the ends of the chicken wire using the pliers.

Another good way of building a wire compost bin is shown in the video below:

Other Composting Fence Ideas

Wire fencing can take other forms apart from the cylindrical wire bin.

Composting fences can also be horizontal. The procedure is the same.

It uses four posts which you then pull the chicken wire across and fasten around the structures. Also, there’s no need to remove the compost in a composting fence.

The organic matter slowly feeds the soil at the bottom, incorporating it directly into your vegetable garden.

compoasting fence
Composting fence, source: on Pinterest


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